Emerging Latinas Entrepreneur Fellowship [ELEF]


Have you applied for this years Fellowship? Too late?


Program Schedule:  October 9 – November 20 2013

March 2014:  Spanish Version

April 2014:  English Version

Fall 2014: TBD

For Fellowship Program information and application please contact:

Remy Mimms, NLBWA-SD President Elect:  619.829.2865 or remymimms1@gmail.com

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Why consider the investment of time and resources?  Because you cannot afford to pass it up...

To achieve success, our training programs are very structured with unique business development modules, in a range of key topics that include financial management, HR, marketing, business development and leadership topics. We have been successful to date in presenting a comprehensive offering that is unique to our core audience and they continue to be engaged with our organization as volunteers and members.


An overview of each module's topic is as follows:

Module One: Introduction to Excellence in Micro Business Management: Fundamental of Successful Business Ownership

Module Two: Excellence in Business Management a Systems Approach: Managing Business Performance

Module Three: Fundamentals of Business Finance: The importance of financial controls.

Module Four: Understanding Business Development: Marketing, Sales, and Service

Module Five: Planning and Managing Future Business Success

Module Six: Using Social Networks to Increase Business Success



The objectives of the Emerging Latina Fellowship Program are as follows:

1. Present the minority women business owners with the practical insight and knowledge for effectively managing and operating a successful business;


2. Help minority women business owners understand the fundamental challenges of business management and the basic skills needed to excel as a business manager.


3. Provide a management template for business and educate minority women business owners on the importance of systematically planning, managing and developing their businesses.


4. Provide minority women business owners with a professional learning experience that leads to personal growth and greater capability to effectively plan, manage and grow their businesses.


5. Provide a learning experience that integrates structure learning with hands on practical information that can be immediately applied by owner-participants to improve business performance.

6. Provide minority women business owners with the skills needed to master the use of social media technologies to empower and equip minority women business owners to understand the technology space from a hands-on business development perspective to grow their businesses.

We assist approx 50 minority women business owners through this program annually. We hold intensive  7 week sessions. In addition to one on one coaching and follow-up session with each program fellow.  We pride ourselves on the leadership component complementing ELEF which brings speakers and opportunities to learn about board and commissions service...

Expected Results:

We are looking to achieve the following by each participant:

1. Development and completion of a business plan [100%]

2. Financial plan developed, analyzed and implemented [100%]

3. 90% class attendance

4. Final presentation on business analysis over the course of the fellowship. Last session: plan presented to peers and guests (an oral presentation and finalized business plan w/ all components); to receive graduation certification and be entitled to be called a "fellow" of the program.